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Maar dat is alleen belangrijk voor echte vuurtorenngelaars

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Yet only a handful of startups have successfully sold

In the stadium beneath two monster Live Aid graphics in the agonizing two hour wait for the show to go on, no one had thought of warming up the crowd to keep folks in good humor. The mood was, well, tense. An American in front of me stood up and announced we were going to do “the wave.” He was met by a stream of abuse telling him, with Geldof type expletives, to sit down, followed by a hail of bottles.

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The gas station plans to appeal that order while blaming

exclusive paul weller gig planned at rough trade for record store day

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While watching it, I remembered a story my husband told me

The benefits here are two fold: gauge the level of backlash and the channels and arguments used to halt the repeal, and gain information to revise tactics for a real push in the future with most of the unknowns identified. They won be going into battle with “what ifs”; they have specifics. These aren stupid people..

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